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Grooming SPA

Proper grooming for pets is an essential part of your pet's care and keeps them looking and feeling their best. It is one of the most effective ways of identifying potential health issues early, such as dry patches, issues with nails, teeth, eyes, ears, coat conditions, ticks, and fleas. Fortunately, most problems can be treated right away. 

To help us give your pet the most beneficial grooming, we offer a variety of specialty shampoos. Let us know which one you would like to add, and our team will ensure that the animal you love receives the best care possible!



      Oatmeal shampoo is great for sensitive, dry, and itchy skin. It softens and absorbs dirt and oil on a dog’s hair.


      The hypoallergenic shampoo is designed to be gentle and mild for all dogs and safe for those with sensitive skin.


      Flea & tick shampoo not only kills fleas and ticks but also rehydrates, moisturizes, and soothes skin.

      Anti-itch hydrocortisone shampoo helps control and prevent itching for flake-free, lustrous hair. 


      Deep moisturizing conditioning treatment. 


   If your pet requires a prescription shampoo from their veterinarian, please bring it in.  





    Prices vary. Please use the below as a general guideline only

Small breeds start at $55

Medium breeds start  at $63-$65 and up 

Large breeds start at $85 

Specialty Shampoos start at $5




Hair cut       

Nail clipping         

Ear cleaning         

Anal gland expression 

Bow or bandanna       




Blow out       

Nail trim     

Ear cleaning     

Anal gland expression  Brush out       

Bow or bandanna 


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