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Make your pets' paws look PAWtastic with a PAWdicure!!! 


Regular nail care for pets is critical. Clipping the nails helps avoid injuries on the dog's toes and paws, increasing their comfort when walking and protecting owners’ flooring and bedding.


We offer nail trimming, nail grinding, nail polish, and nail caps. 




With a dremel tool, we will file off the sharp edges left behind by cutting your pet's nails. 



We use products that are safe and made just for pets!  We use pet-specific nail polish which is cruelty-free and non-toxic.

We will use a polish brought in by the owner only if it’s made for use on pets. 


Nail caps are not only aesthetically pleasing but functional as well. They are made for dogs and cats as a great solution for preventing scratch marks on floors and furniture. The nail caps are glued onto freshly cut nails and must be replaced when they grow out and/or fall off. 


We offer a wide variety of colors for nail polish and nail caps.



    Prices vary. Please use the below as a general guideline only

Nail Clipping $10

 Grinding  $5-$7

Nail polish $10 

Nail Caps $10

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