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About Us

Hello and Welcome!


My name is Melissa Van Horn, and I am the owner of The Groomery!

In 2006 I opened my shop in Stony Brook, but my career working with animals started way before then. During high school, I worked at my neighbor's veterinary hospital, which gave me a lifelong interest in animal care and medicine.
Over two decades, I became certified as a veterinary assistant, received certifications in more than 20 areas of grooming expertise, including grooming for rare dog breeds, hand stripping, dental care, canine massage, cat grooming, salon safety, hair coloring, and many others in both grooming trends and safety.

In addition to formal education, mentors at the beginning of my career helped immensely, and hands-on experience in animal rescue & wildlife rehabilitation provided unparalleled knowledge. In tandem, my education broadened, my business expanded, and my own furred, feathered, and scaled family grew to bring me where I am today.
My business and rescue are my life, and I love giving 100% to my passion for animals.

This has been an incredible journey, and I have to thank each of you for supporting it and allowing it to continue! 


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